About Us

Why do it?

Last year in 2015 over 1 Million people were forced into using food banks whilst at the same time over £12.5 billion worth of food went to landfill, despite a vast majority of this food being fit for consumption, including supermarkets with their ridiculous perfect looking fruit and vegetable's policy. So needless to say there is an obscene contrast which is not acceptable!

What made us do it?

Before we set up Nifties in June 2016 we have experienced hard times as well as having to rely on foodbanks and know first hand how tough life can be at the bottom. We first come up with the idea of Nifties in September 2015 after a hitchhiking trip to Romania which really opened my eyes (Nathaniel Typing) to how resourceful and generous the Romanian folk are despite the extreme poverty there and it changed my life forever! The shop opened as a pop-up shop in June 2016 to trial the concept and to prove Dover needs this shop with it's radical approach to the community with Me (Nathaniel Richards) and my beautiful wife Bethanie Richards to bring a bit of this generosity from the continent to the town!

How does it work?

The Concept is pretty simple, we want to help everybody in the region have access to affordable food and also tackle the inexcusable amounts of food waste in the UK. By taking items that are damaged, short dated, past the best before dates and surplus items and pass these items to the community for peanuts compared to the main supermarkets.