Best Before Dates

We have a number of different items in different conditions one of the common items condition is items that are near or past their 'Best Before' date, Sounds Worrying? After Reading this we hope not!

'Best Before' Date Meaning

A 'Best Before' date talks about the quality or taste of the food not if it is 'Safe' to eat or not. Once the product passes the date it loses flavour and quality nothing else. Think of it like buying a 'Used' car just because it's 4 years old and has 150,000 miles on the clock doesn't make it unsafe to drive just means it's lost some of the quality and horsepower since it rolled off the forecourt back when it had 0 miles on the clock, the only difference is you don't eat your car...... unless you are a werewolf!* If so I hope you floss your teeth afterwards!

So don't be so quick to bin the food in your cupboard even when past the 'Best Before' date last year the estimated amount of food waste amounted to £13 Billion the majority of this was perfectly fine!

*Werewolves are still welcome to shop at Nifties excluding full moons

'Use By' Date Meaning

'Use By' Date on the other hand is something that is put on perishable items that go off rather sharpish like; Milk, Meat.

Nifties Doesn't sell items with a 'Use By' date, neither do we reccomend that you consume goods past the 'Use By' date.

NOTE: It is illegal for any shop to sell an item that has exceeded it's 'Use By' date.