The Nifties Team

Nathaniel Richards The Driving Force
A live life to the full type an optimistic character will literally talk to anyone. Was raised by two very hard working parents and taught a sense of community to look after and care about the area he lives in. A proud father of three who when not at the shop is either with the kids, at Dover Athletic matches or down the pub. Loves to relax a little bit too much and is a stubborn one to get out of bed! With previous work experience varying from B2B Sales in the Commercial Refurbishment industries and multiple zero hour jobs has a real sense of working hard, but at the same time has a real eye for the unusual ideas and details.  Has a real love and yearn to see the world but the more unusual destinations of the world such as Laos, Romania, Faroe Islands and many more.

Bethanie Richards The Creative Genius
Being an ancient 14 days older Bethanie wins the privilege of controlling the finances of Nifties an arty farty creative whizz is a bubbly full of life lady, who is the one who makes sure everything is in place where it belongs and is organized! Never afraid to shy away from a challenge Bethanie is a real workhorse. A proud mum of 3  she enjoys spending her time making and crafting items. An absolute natural when it comes to hands-on activities especially involving the children. Previous experience is a Diploma in Art and Design, plentiful amounts of work in Customer Services and Retail also having previous experience in crafting stuffed animals. Her favourite things include Baking and making desserts to enjoy, getting a decent sun tan, working out down the gym and spending her hard earned cash in town.